Business Analytics Architecture

The real promise of Performance Management can only be delivered when it is part of a well-automated architecture. Those who claim that automation is not needed and that e.g. Balanced Scorecards can exist just fine in MS Excel without the possibility to drill-down to the lower-level data are just wrong. Setting up an integrated PM architecture is not a simple task. In most organisations, some technological PM components may already exist and will need to be supplemented with additional technology. In those organisations where nothing exists yet, the software vendors will obviously all claim they have the best solution for your needs if you buy everything from them. For you as a customer, it is sometimes very difficult to see the forest for the trees.

The quality of the architecture design, keeping certain software preferences in mind, will make or break the success your Performance Management initiative. Buying a lot of expensive software is not a substitute for a good architecture design and will not result in any significant ROI. On the contrary, a good architecture can leverage "cheaper" or older software components.
Design of Business Analytics and Performance Management architectures is really element61's core business. Our consultants have the experience to apply all the best practices in complex situations, and the fact that we offer as a software-vendor-neutral company guarantees you that our advice will be objective and intellectually honest. We understand the complex art of striking a balance between the requirements coming from your PM Roadmap / Strategy and the budgetary constraints, and translating this into a realistic, achievable, affordable, maintainable yet powerful Performance Management solution design.
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