Vena Power User Learning Path


You want to expand your knowledge of Vena to create intelligent data entry screens, in-depth analysis reports and efficient dashboards. You are involved in a Vena project and would like to know the basics or get more insights into specific topics of the Vena solution. You have basic knowledge of Vena but want to know more about Workflow, Task bindings or even script development. Or you want to train that new colleague who just arrived in your department and needs to get acquainted with Vena to produce his own reports.

Continuous knowledge development is a key element in our internal day-to-day way of working. As we train our consultants on new product developments as well as on best practices that we develop in-house, we want our customers to also benefit from our knowledge. Bringing our customers to that next level of knowledge is an important mission statement at element61. 

element61 Academy offers a wide range of courses. All standard or customized trainings are taught by consultants who are among the experts in the Benelux market. Check out this page on our website.

Blended Learning

In case you can’t afford to stay away from the office floor or if you want a self-paced and location-independent training, then the Vena blended learning is the solution to your needs. This course allows you to follow training during two weeks at your own pace. The blended learning is a mix of e-learning and instructor-led training, for a total of 12 hours of learning:

  • 6 hours of flexible, self-paced learning
  • 2 instructor-led courses: 2x3 hours of virtual classroom learning
  • Practice on your own in a no-risk Vena environment

Instructor-led training courses are organized remotely through MS Teams, so no need to lose time in traffic! We plan the session in advance with the participant group and off you go!

Course details:

Course Type Est. Time
Welcome to Vena e-learning 30 mins
Intro to Data Models and the Vena Modeler Role e-learning 60 mins
Intro to Reporting (Mapping) and the Vena Manager Role e-learning 60 mins
Apply Mapping Concepts in Reports Instructor-led 3 hrs
Design, Configure and Control Your Workflow e-learning 75 mins
Introduction to Security and the Vena Admin Role e-learning 60 mins
Work with Assigned Tasks as a Contributor e-learning 60 mins
Build further on Mapping Concepts (Reporting) Instructor-led 3 hrs


Training Course Price per participant
Blended Vena Training 950 euro*

* Prices are reviewed on an annual basis
* Prices listed are always per participant
* All trainings always require a minimum of 3 participants
* Cancelled trainings are communicated two weeks upfront and fully refunded

Customized and client-specific training

element61 Academy offers customized training based on a specific scope identified by the client. These are typically courses where the content can not be covered by any of the above courses and where the client environment is used as a course platform. Examples are specific training on Vena Data mapping based on the Vena environment of the client or a course for the internal technical team of the client on how to maintain a Vena environment. Prices depend on the preparation time of the course and the number of participants.

Interested to know more?

For more information, contact us

Frederic de Schutter


Frederic de Schutter
Partner Analytics
Phone: +32 498 91 28 98

Bjorn Van Damme


Bjorn Van Damme
Partner Analytics
Phone:  +32 473 28 36 66


The full element61 Training schedule (incl. when which training runs) can be found here