CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning & Control

The CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning & Control application allows to align production capacity with product demands and estimate the per unit cost of the manufactured goods and services.

Benefits of integrating the production and capacity planning within the CPM platform are:

  • Reduce Planning Cycle Times
  • Optimize Resources
  • Streamline Production Planning
  • Control MRP Costs
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Align Finance, Sales & Operations
  • Increase Accuracy & Control
  • Unified process efficiency

While the need for organizations to make business decisions using integrated business plans spanning the entire supply chain including Sales (demand) and Supply (procurement, production, inventory) as well as linking them to their expected financial outcome in a dynamic P&L and BS, has never been greater. Most organisations still serve the intertwined process through a scattered solution landscape, in a combination of ERP, S&OP or CPM solutions with the ever-present spreadsheet “database” as the final placeholder for the “unique” version of the truth.

Avoid back and forth arguments between ERP, production planning and financial budgeting solutions and embed the Production and Capacity planning cycle as a part of an integrated and unified CPM platform.

CCH Tagetik’s finance transformation platform, powered by the Analytical Information Hub brings efficiency and accuracy in the Production and Capacity planning in direct link with operational efficiency and controlled costing breakdown.

Gain full control over your manufacturing processes. Analyzing the impacts of an updated bill of material, the available capacity, and scheduled resources in real-time. Meet production schedules and consider restrictions, reduce bottlenecks and control costs more effectively.
Unify all your plans, connecting the annual sales budget and monthly sales forecast into an integrated business plan covering the entire supply chain and derive the financial outcome to maximize operating profit margins with CCH Tagetik.

element61 is a Platinum-certified partner of CCH Tagetik and has experience with supply chain planning processes, so feel free to contact us for more information.