Course: Data Lakehouse development with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is the new Microsoft branded analytics platform that integrates data warehousing, data integration and orchestration, data engineering, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence into a single product. By taking Microsft Fabric's data lakehouse development training, BI and Data Professionals can unlock the potential of this new one-stop-shop for all your analytics and create modern data lakehouses. This training is designed to teach the best practices and tricks of data lakehousing with Microsoft Fabric on Azure, empowering professionals to elevate their skills and achieve tremendous success in their careers.

Course description

Participants receive in-depth training in Microsoft Fabric data lakehousing through this program. The program strives to empower its participants by providing concrete skills to help them thrive in their respective domains, encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects. The training will concentrate on the optimal approach to supporting Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses in the Cloud. The focus is on the detailed use of Microsoft Fabric for data lakehousing but similarly recaps the other relevant BI Azure resources such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage gen2, Key Vault & Power BI. 


Fabric - Unified Platform

Duration & Agenda

This training is a 1-day training covering end-to-end data lakehouse development through Microsoft Fabric.

Topics include:

  • What is a data lakehouse, and how is it different from a classic data warehouse?
  • What are the building blocks of Microsoft Fabric? 
    • What is OneLake?
    • What are the personas/experiences and the different workloads?
    • What is Direct Lake mode in Power BI?
  • How can I set up & design ingestion scripts in a Modern Data Platform with Azure Data Factory and Microsoft Fabric?
  • How can I leverage Lakehouse's best practices in data transformations, including the different transformation engines and workspace management?
  • What are the options for performance tuning in Microsoft Fabric, including cluster design and Delta Lake?

After this course, you will know all the basics on how to start new data warehouse development in Azure and reflect on migration from on-premise data warehousing to the Azure Cloud.

Target audience

  • You are an (aspirant) BI professional with knowledge of data modelling & data warehouse development. You know SQL or Python and have a notion of dimensional data concepts.
    • Note: For BI & data warehousing aspirants, we highly recommend following the Data-dimensional Training before this Microsoft Fabric training. 
  • You are looking to know what's what in the Azure Cloud and get some practical tips (rather than reading online documentation)
    • Note: We recommend all participants follow the Azure Fundamentals training before this Microsoft Fabric training as it gives a broad overview of Azure Cloud, resources & cloud data analytics concepts & key resources.


The training consists plenary lecturing with hands-on lab environment. The course can be taught in both English or Dutch, also on-site at the customers' premises.


675 € per participant per day

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