Creating Meaningful Visuals

Creating Meaningful Visuals

Lastly, we focus on building visuals that are appropriate, simple and effective. A good chart effectively conveys information. A great chart enables, informs, and improves decision making.

Meaningful visuals are created by following best practices like:

  • Reflecting on the takeaway the user needs to get of each visual
  • Selecting the appropriate visual to convey this message
  • Removing elements not contributing to this takeaway
  • Providing sufficient context to support each visual

We believe that choosing the right visual for your data is essential for effective data visualization. As a result, we use a visual vocabulary that is informed by design principles to guide our visual selection process. By doing so, we make sure that information is appropriately presented and is easy to grasp by end users.


What can you expect?

  • Visual vocabulary document, allowing you to accelerate BI development by having direct access to prebuilt best practice visuals.
  • Best practice guidelines on how to convey information in a simple, yet effective manner.

You can find a summary of the main topics we explore below.


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