With partners in more than 95 countries and over 3.200 customers, TimeXtender is one of the leading vendors of data warehouse / data estate automation software.

TimeXtender is a high-performance no code / low code data management platform that enables the transformation to a data driven business: agile development speeds up with 70% to 80% and accelerates your time to data insights by up to 10 times. 



TimeXtender allows you to connect to various data silos, catalog, model, move, and report on the full lifecycle of data – in a single application that supports core analytics, the modern data warehouse, IoT, AI and more.

Developed with a cloud-first mindset, TimeXtender provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft on-premise SQL Server technology and Azure Data Services, eliminating the need to manually stitch together a patchwork of tools for data access, modeling and compliance. This creates a future-proof modern data estate, that naturally evolves with technology advancements, allowing for continuous improvement of data insights for business decision makers.

TimeXtender enables agile dimensional modeling and supports the Kimball data warehousing methodology using star schemas and snowflake schemas if required.

TimeXtender makes complex, time-consuming tasks easy by generating best practice code in just a few clicks. Some examples:

  • Moving from an on-premise to an Azure cloud environment (or even setup a hybrid solution)
  • Generating the entire ETL flow
  • Setting up incremental loading of data sources
  • Setting up slowly changing dimensions (type 0, I and II)
  • Setting up multiple environments for development, test, UAT, production, …
  • End-to-end documentation from data source to semantic model - including data lineage, impact analysis, relation diagram, …
  • Version Control

element61 is an official and certified TimeXtender partner.

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