Microsoft BI Performance Tuning

Everyone knows that performance is an important aspect of all projects' success. And a BI project is no different. But all too often, we see in reality that performance is only noticed and taken seriously when it (already has) become(s) a problem. Fixes' then have to be applied to get the solution accepted by the end-users.

At element61, we believe in the concept of "design to perform". During the conceptual design of the new BI solution, we already keep in mind the future solution performance. We apply best practices for the products used from the Microsoft BI stack and create an architecture that will be up to standards concerning performance optimization.

We can help you in sizing the needed hardware for all different components based on our years of experience in building Microsoft BI solutions.

And it doesn't stop after the design of the application. When the actual implementation starts, we will help set the necessary properties and tweak your application so it performs as it should. This means for example that for Analysis services we will create the correct number of aggregations and set up the right number of partitions. For Reporting Services, it might require writing fast-performing SQL and MDX queries.

So application performance tuning is on our mind from the first minute we start designing the application till the end of the project. Also the review of existing solutions, experiencing performance problems is part of this service offering.

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