Assembling a Structured Report

Assembling a Structured Report

A core step in creating actionable BI reports, is the translation of the project purpose into a structured report

We do so by applying the techniques like:

  • Sketching out the desired information flow
  • Creating measurable and actionable statistics
  • Navigating from aggregated to detailed views
  • Creating a uniform company look-and-feel

We use storytelling principles to bring your report structure together through simplicity, flow, and engagement. By doing so, we build a report structure that is easy to navigate, provides sufficient context to end-users, and is interactive.


What can you expect?

  • Standardized company templates, leveraging UX best practices and company guidelines.
  • Best practice report structure, including landing pages, navigation, and drill-through functionality.
  • Foundation for further scaling, Modular design of your report(s) allowing you to easily extend your BI offering.

You can find a summary of the main topics we explore below.


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