Implementation and Knowledge Transfer

The implementation phase is critical for the success of your project but also for the future of your applications. During this phase it is important that a focus is kept on delivering high quality development, next to the main focus which is to deliver the project on-time and within budget. High quality implementation will help to improve the quality of data delivered, speed future data lineage analysis and finally improve the flexibility and readiness of the solution for future enhancements.

element61 can assist you in the implementation phase of your IBM Information Server projects following two different approaches:

  • As a partner which will bring its specialists next to your internal resources in order to tackle together with them the challenges of your project. You can then adapt your capacity to the demand of the on-going projects.
  • By taking full ownership of the implementation of your project. Our consultants will then entirely implement and document your solution based on your business requirements.

In both cases we always execute the tasks to be done with the highest standard of quality possible and by doing constant knowledge transfer to your resources about the developed solution but also about the tools and their best practices.

element61s consultants all have a long history in implementing IBM Information Server components Their expertise is recognized by IBM as most of them own at least one technical certification, so they will be able to implement efficiently your solution and will bring to your organization all their expertise and best practices.

Our consultants also rely on our structured and pragmatic implementation approach defined in our elementary methodology which guarantees that tangible and usable deliverables will be delivered at a reasonable frequency (typically every 2 to 3 months for long run projects).

Contact us to learn more about our IBM Information Server Implementation and Knowledge Transfer Service Offering.