Stijn Vermeulen

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Managing Director - Partner Business Analytics

Working in these areas since 1990, Stijn Vermeulen is an expert in Business Analytics, Performance Management & Data Science in terms of both vendors and product offerings and the practical implementation of these technologies to improve Business Performance. Stijn has a Commercial Engineer in Management Informatics- degree (KULeuven, Belgium) and an MBA in Applied Marketing (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, Aix-en-Provence, France).

In 1994, he introduced Business Intelligence technology at the Marketing & Sales departments of Henkel Benelux. After 2 years, he was called to the Corporate Headquarters in Germany to head the international Marketing & Sales Data warehouse-project of Henkel Group.

After having gained experience in business development of Business Intelligence technology at Gentia Software, he joined start-up Norkom Technologies in 1998 as first employee outside Ireland. Stijn served as Regional Director at this leading Analytical CRM company.

In June 2001, Stijn joined Cognos as Managing Director Belgium & Luxembourg. During his 5 years at Cognos (now IBM) Belux, Stijn doubled revenues from 8 million € to 16 million €, the team grew from 15 to about 40 people and market share increased from 15% in the Business Intelligence Market to over 25% in the combined Business Intelligence & CPM market space. In May 2006, Stijn left Cognos for a sabbatical of 8 months, following which he co-founded element61, where he focuses on business development, marketing & general management, next to delivering strategic advisory & senior management coaching.

Stijn's focus areas are Business Analytics & Performance Management Roadmaps & Architecture, as part of broader ICT roadmaps, and Analytics software vendor roadmaps. Stijn's assignments are typically in close collaboration with executives like CFO, CIO, CEO which helps him relate BI & PM project decisions & considerations to the broader responsibilities & challenges of Senior Management.

element61 became part of Moore Belgium in 2016. Moore Belgium is the largest independent accounting and consulting firm in Belgium with over 1.500 employees. Stijn serves as Managing Partner of the Business Unit "Business Analytics" and is part of the management team, Board of Directors and a shareholder of the group Moore Belgium.