Business intelligence & data warehousing

Today and even more tomorrow, organizations should be using a secret weapon called "information. Highly integrated company information that empowers users with new insights about business drivers and how to better meet the strategic objectives of their organization. This information is brought to their fingertips through the means of Business Intelligence solutions.

While mostly the data warehouse is in support of an organization's information needs, living just beneath sea level, Business Intelligence is situated at the "tip of the iceberg", presenting the ultimate visualization of all data within an organization. Obviously, it is also the first place where end-users will base their (dis-)contentment of the entire solution upon. Therefore it is vital to have a user-friendly Business Intelligence environment and to provide the right information, at the right level, at the right time to the right audience via the right means.

Although the BI market is changing continuously, it has reached a certain level of maturity. Nowadays BI-products' state-of-the-art can no longer be blamed for lack of success. However, it is true that certain BI tools are more suited in certain situations.