SAP BPC Business Planning & Consolidation

In June 2007, SAP AG acquired OutlookSoft as a part of its strategy to compose a "state of the art" Corporate Performance Management solution. OutlookSoft was subsequently renamed to SAP BPC (SAP Business Planning and Consolidation).

To consistently manage company performance, managers need accurate, timely financial and operational data so they can effectively plan, budget, forecast, analyse, and report. They also need the ability to seamlessly integrate corporate and departmental planning, intelligently model cost scenarios, and perform sensitivity analysis to determine operational budgets based on strategic plans and assumptions. With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, everything you need to meet your bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning requirements, as well as complete consolidation and reporting is available through a single unified application and user interface which is tightly integrated with the MS Office suite.

element61 is one of the few Belgian consulting companies having experience with all SAP BPC versions, including the most recent one, of SAP Business Planning & Consolidation and expertise in technical installation, upgrading, tuning and migrating from older versions and deployments. The latest release of SAP BPC is SAP BPC 11, an innovative solution exclusively available for SAP BW/4HANA.

Not only has element61 experience with the most recent version, we also offer the unique knowledge of the different product upgrades that have taken place over the last 10 years (from release 3 EAP (Enterprise Analytical Portal), going to release 4 (Everest), then moving into releases 5, 7, 10 and now 11 where the product was first renamed to OutlookSoft and finally to SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation). No other consulting company in Belgium has this combined experience.

element61 is thus unique in having both the Microsoft (combined with Microsoft SQL server skills) and NetWeaver-version SAP BPC knowledge, combined with Business Warehouse, SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence / SAP Analytics Cloud.

All of the above expertise is bundled in the dedicated SAP BPC Competence Center.

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