ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

Forward-looking organisations embrace ESG 

Today every business is operating in a complex and constantly changing world. A recent kid on the block is Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) reporting. Contributing to a better world and the global alertness towards accountability around governmental and social justice issues is becoming prominent and permanent.

At element61 we are convinced that clear ESG target setting, monitoring, measurement, and analysis will be crucial for companies' sustainable development and success. Consequently, deploying a fruitful and future-oriented business strategy will require organizations to analyse their ESG footprint, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Essential to this ambition is to promote appropriate governance of your ESG data as a critical asset for the organisation. Some CFO’s might approach ESG as yet another compulsory disclosure to the outside world and will invest in a process and tool to ensure correct, consistent and timely reporting. While this is meaningful, ESG data can be much more than just another disclosure requirement. Forward-looking organizations recognize the ESG agenda to be a critical component of their business and incorporate “ESG thinking” within their business strategy.

Instead of collecting the regulatory required ESG data, post factum for the benefit of disclosing, they monitor ESG data systematically, benchmark their performance and include targeted ESG initiatives as part of their operational and financial budgeting or strategic planning cycles.

To be able to measure ESG success it is mandatory to define expected outcomes, ensure appropriate manual and automatic data collection mechanisms as well as an appropriate reporting architecture and reporting solutions to combine and visualize data most appropriately.


ESG: where element61 can help

Assess your ESG data maturity and envision your ESG data roadmap

We assist you in a pragmatic and structured way, to assess the current technology and processes in place, to collect, to clean and standardize and, where needed, to enrich the data, critical to providing you insights into those ESG KPI's identified to be essential for your business.

Starting from our assessment, we recommend the required organization and technology change and estimate the cost implications to deliver these ESG data initiatives successfully. We outline our proposition across three pillars: technology, processes & people.

  • which data resides where,
  • how do we organize reporting,
  • who does what,
  • etc.

Layout your ESG data platform

Our goal is to qualify the required technology and governance, matching your ESG analytics ambition and in-house technological landscape and standards. We identify and detail together with you, which future-proof application and reporting architecture will support the ESG ambitions across the organisation. We document our approach and model on how to build a modern and powerful ESG data platform.

  • which data sources exist
  • how data from various sources can flow through the different data layers
  • which tools are best-fit and why
  • translate the current and future ideas & initiatives into a realistic architecture

Realize your ESG data platform

Implementing the proposed ESG data platform requires translating the ESG requirements and business processes into a data model, where your ESG data transforms into insights.

We implement together with you, your ESG modern data platform, on-premise, hybrid or completely in the Cloud.

Automate your ESG disclosure reporting

Implementing a preconfigured solution to automate and properly disclose your required ESG information respecting the common frameworks and regulations such as GRI, SASB or the EU taxonomy. We offer solutions to boost your ESG data publication, solutions that streamline processes and people and manage your ESG data consistent with regulations.

Coaching & Training

We coach and train your people and promote the new tools and processes. Our coaching and co-development approach is a key success factor facilitating the required change within your organisation. This way, we ensure a fast and optimal knowledge transfer and allow people to absorb the new technologies whilst embedding them into their day to day processes and routines.

ESG software selection

Software selection can be a real challenge, surely in a fairly new domain such as ESG.

Nevertheless, selecting the proper software matching your realistic ambitions, standards and budget is a crucial foundation for a successful implementation. We can assist you throughout the selection process, specifying the requirements, composing the RFP and identifying your vendor of choice.

Anchor sustainability within your digital transformation ambition.