IBM Cognos Technology

The IBM Cognos Analytics and Performance Management platform offers a complete end to end solution to deliver complete, consistent and timely information through your organization in order to support the decision making process.

Its main components are:

  • IBM Cognos Analytics
    which offers services to author and produce state-of-the-art reporting as well to perform advanced analysis. It can also be used to develop enterprise wide dashboard and scorecarding projects.
  • IBM Cognos Planning
    offers a complete planning and budgeting solution to support the financial planification of your organization in a controlled, secured and efficient way.
  • IBM Cognos Planalytics offers a cloud version of a collaborative, enterprise-scalable budgeting, planning and reporting solution. Planning Analytics is supported by a TM1 engine and combines the best of planning, analytics and reporting capabilities on the cloud.
  • IBM Cognos TM1
    offers advances in memory read and write OLAP functionalities that can be used to support your planning, forecasting or "What if analysis processes.
  • IBM Watson Analytics allows to easily uncover new insights using automated data analysis, automatic visualisations and predictive analysis. IBM Watson Analytics is a cloud based application that is based on the Watson supercomputer and will transform massive amounts of data into essential insight.

All those components are completely web-based and can be accessed by anyone in your organization in order to get the information they need. Its service oriented platform will deliver information to its consumers by all kind of means such as web based online reporting, email, Microsoft office or on their mobile devices. Finally, this platform offers a fully scalable architecture that can easily be adapted in order to support your organization growth, business evolution or your new challenges.

With the IBM Cognos technology users have access to a complete and performing Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution from where they can get access to the company key performance indicators to support there decision. They can easily and efficiently through the organization data in order to get the right information at the right time.

element61 and its consultants are mastering the IBM Cognos Technology for several years. Based on past experiences and proven best practives they can help your organization to define its needs and requirements in order to define and/or implement a unique and tailor made Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution using the IBM Cognos technology.

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