Business Discovery - Associative Model

Business Discovery - Associative ModelAt the heart of Qlik is the unique, patented QIX associative software engine which generates views of information on the fly.

Users of Qlik software applications benefit from a powerful associative experience. Unlike traditional tools that offer pre-defined drill paths and interactions, Qlik allows a user to start anywhere and go anywhere.

The Qlik software engine automatically manages all the relationships in the data and presents information to the user using a green, white and grey colour scheme.

Selections in Qlik are highlighted in green. Data values that are related to the selections are represented in white. Data that are not related are shown in grey, but are available: they provide additional context and perspective.

Users easily see connections and disconnections in the data. Instant visibility encourages users to think of new follow-up questions and continue their path of exploration and discovery.

This is what allows you to see the whole story that lies within your data. This is what allows you to find the unexpected. This is what allows you to ask the business question you did not think of asking.

Business Discovery - Associative Model