Sven Bracke

till now

Principal Analytics Architect

Sven graduated in 1997 as Bachelor in Computer Sciences at the Industriële Hogeschool Brussel. He now has over 15 years of experience in IBM Cognos and holds certifications in IBM Cognos 8 and 10.

He started his career as Information Analyst at EDS where he designed Oracle applications and developed strong SQL skills on projects for numerous customers like VDAB, Generale Staf Rijkswacht and Atlas Copco. While getting more interested in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, he took up roles as Data Warehouse designer, ETL developer and Business Intelligence analyst on projects for Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap (MVG).

Sven decided in 2006 to leave EDS and to continue the Business Intelligence path at the software vendor Cognos (later acquired by IBM) where he started as Senior BI consultant. At Cognos, he helped customers to start up there Business Intelligence implementation, worked on multiple projects at Vlaams Agentschap voor Personen met een Handicap (VAPH), RSZ van de Provinciale en Plaatselijke Overheidsdiensten (RSZPPO) and MVG. Next to consulting, Sven also instructed the complete Cognos BI curriculum both as classroom trainings and on-site customised trainings.

In 2011 Sven’s journey continued at LACO, where he took up the role as Solution Lead for the IBM Cognos stack. He enforced the Sales team with technical insights and BI expertise and advised customers to implement their BI solutions. He also started the IBM Community to bring together the IBM consultants who were active on multiple projects & sites, to share knowledge and to learn from each other.

From 2014 till 2017 he joined Deloitte as a Senior Business Analytics Lead, to streamline BI projects and provide BI expertise, insights and vision to their customers. Sven was the Lead and SPOC for IBM Cognos, IBM Puredata System for Analytics and IBM Watson Analytics. He added IBM DataStage experience to the list and got certified in IBM Puredata Systems for Analytics (Technical Mastery).

In April 2017 Sven joined element61. Sven has an expert level in setting up the right architecture, modeling the business requirements and delivering end-to-end solutions. With his level of expertise and seniority he understands the high level business strategies and translates them in applications that offer a business solutions. He is a diplomatic negotiator who adopts easily existing standards and advices on improvements where appropriate.  Sven has also been acting as interim BI manager, in this role he could share his knowledge to the full extent and grow the customer's organisation and teams.  Key to success in this role is that Sven is able to act as a project manager, a team manager, he knows the ins and outs of requirements management, data warehouse design, data modelling, data governance, …  In preparation of the phased approach towards GDPR compliance, Sven created our GDPR Assessment methodology.  This methodology (5 Ws approach) focuses on data mapping and data flows within an organization and the related application landscape, which contributes to a key deliverable towards GDPR compliance.  Next to his deep technical IBM  Cognos BI tool experience, he also added Microsoft (T-SQL, SSIS, Power BI) to his skillset.  Sven is our main Cognos Analytics trainer and he is also one of our Academy trainers for Dimensional Data Modeling and Data Warehouse Fundamentals.

Whenever Sven is not in Analytics Wonderworld, he’s cruising his classic Lambretta, enjoying beaches, nature or relaxing at home with his dog, friends, gin & tonics, good food...