SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management

All companies have a mid- and long term strategy that will define the path for the company in the years to come. The monitoring process of the strategy implementation might be based on methodologies like the Balanced Scorecard. Most likely the strategy execution then will be measured by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) showing how your company is doing and potentiall having a visual representation through strategy maps.

But can the KPIs link in an automated way to other indicators and even individual analysis and reports in your Business Intelligence environment ?
Can you take into account the plans and budgets invested in the strategy execution and the initiatives taken to reach your goals ?
Most probably all those figures, tasks, initiatives and data will be around in your company and probably manually assembled by someone, typically in Microsoft Excel. This is a far from ideal way to communicate and collaborate around these figures. An integrated view is needed on the data to take educated decisions and see what is the impact of certain decisions or how the delay of attaining a certain target for a KPI or a certain project is influencing the Strategy realisation.

With SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management you are provided with a solution that can manage and integrate all of your figures needed to deal with current business questions related to corporate strategy. The Strategy Management solution of SAP is the result of the acquisition of Pilot Software in 2007 and meanwhile has been integrated in the SAP Solution stack.

The Strategy Management tool can integrate data coming from multiple sources, both non-SAP and SAP (including SAP GRC and SAP BusinessObjects BPC data) to get figures on actuals, budgeting and planning data or have your complete risk management visualized at one point, including the inter-relationship between all these

SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management includes modules for :

  • Communication of your strategy and monthly overviews via the creation of Operational overviews
  • Scorecarding and visualisation of typical Balanced Scorecard concepts like perspectives, objectives, targets, benchmarks, initiatives, ...
  • Interoperability and the interconnection of initiatives and tasks to reach your goals, such as fishbone diagrams (cause and effect)
  • Attractive visualization models to have your data represented in charts, dashboards and Balanced scorecards
  • Prioritization matrix and many more

Having a strategy management solution in place will enable you to close the gap between an actionable high level plan and the individual tasks and initiatives that are involved to realize your plans, all in one convenient environment.
Making them interact with your actual metric figures in reports and indicators at all levels will help you saving several mandays a month gathering them manually in excel files.

The SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management solution provides you with all of this functionality in an easy overview, with drillable KPIs, risk heatmaps, "pathways to visualize the path towards your strategy and comprehensible balanced scorecards. SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management relies on stable and proven SAP Netweaver technology.
It can incorporate any source that is accessible via ODBC, flatfiles, XML and SAP data (e.g. SAP Value Chain, SAP BusinessObjects GRC, SAP FI, ).
The front-end is able to communicate with the complete SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio, including SAP BusinessObjects BPC, SAP BusinessObjects WebIntelligence and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.

element61 is focusing on the integration of solutions for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. SAP BusinessObjects Strategy management is situated in element61s SAP BusinessObjects Competence Center to serve our current and potential customers in getting the most out of those tools.
With the current team of consultants, holding an average experience of 10 years+ in SAP and SAP BusinessObjects products, we can offer you an advanced and complete consulting service in setting-up strategy management tools, including all related reports, indicators, metrics, financial long term plans & budgets and initiatives.

For more information on the SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management solution, please contact us.