Course: Data Warehousing Fundamentals

Because of a lack of offerings in the Belgian market, element61 has developed a training on Data Warehousing Fundamentals. Details on the training objectives and target audience can be found below. The training is an ideal start for people new to Data Warehousing.

Course description and Duration

The “Data Warehousing Fundamentals” training is a 1-day training that will learn you the fundamental architecture design, terms, definitions and processes of data warehousing. 

Following topics will be covered:

  • Why a Data Warehouse ?
  • Data Warehousing definitions
  • OLTP versus Dimensional Modeling
  • Extract – Transform – Load (ETL)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)

Target audience

This course is intended towards professionals with limited knowledge of Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence. This includes data architects, data modelers, business analysts, business intelligence designers, project managers, DW/BI developers that need to get up to speed to join or start a data warehouse project.


The training consists mainly of plenary lecturing/slides. The course can be taught in both English or Dutch, also on-site at the customers' premises.


675 € per participant


Sven Bracke

Sven Bracke graduated in 1997 as Bachelor in Computer Sciences at the Industriële Hogeschool Brussel. He started his career as Information Analyst at EDS where he designed Oracle applications and developed strong SQL skills on various projects. While getting more interested in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, he took up roles as Data Warehouse designer, ETL developer and Business Intelligence analyst. Sven has over 15 years of experience in this area and a proven track record at IBM Cognos, LACO and Deloitte. In April 2017 Sven joined element61 as Principal Business Analytics Architect.

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