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SAP Analytics CloudSAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of a Software-as-a-service solution combining all-analytics capabilities: Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP is enabling “Interactive Analytics”. Decision making is becoming possible at the intersection of BI, Predictive Analytics and Planning. SAP Analytics Cloud will help you in exploring your data, simulating near future plans and predicting what will happen and why. 

SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to connect securely to your data whether it is a spreadsheet, an on-premise database or a cloud database. This integrated hybrid solution expands analytic insights without sacrificing your existing on-premise investments.

Key Features:

  • Data Integration: Connect to data anywhere: stored in on-premise databases, cloud databases and personal files.?

  • Data Modelling: With SAP Analytics Modelling tools, you will be able to prepare and enrich your data with an intuitive interface.

  • Data Visualization: Enables data visualization designers to build stories that are rich in interactivity. Story consumers can easily explore charts and data quickly to find additional insights using the responsive and intuitive interface.

  • Planning: Collaborative enterprise planning processes to make the best end-to-end plan for your business. Simulate the impact of your decision with visualization.

  • Augmented Analytics: The predictive and machine learning capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud generates visualizations to answer your questions and helps you to reveal important trends with the click of a button.

  • Application Design: Customize your stories with advanced programming capabilities.

  • SAP Analytics Hub: Bring together all your on-premise and cloud-based analytics assets in a single front-end platform. Whether your information is coming from SAP or from a third-party, you can access it in one searchable catalog.

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