SAP Analytics Cloud

Service offerings


SAP Analytics cloud is the Business Analytics Product from SAP. It is a SaaS (software as service) application that is entirely based on the new HANA cloud platform. It combines the needs of Business Intelligence, Predictive analytics and Organizational planning into a single solution. In addition, it also integrates a new product called “digital boardroom”. The usage of the HANA platform allows the applications to leverage the in-memory and advanced data processing capabilities. SAP Analytics cloud allows connection to both on-premise and cloud hosted data and helps extract, prepare and blend data into visually rich applications. Amazing insights from both structured and unstructured data can be discovered on the fly that answers complex business questions and help Businesses transform data into informed actions. The intuitive user interface navigation along with automated one-click processing capabilities makes the application usable by business users with little knowledge of data modelling or data science skills.


SAP Analytics Cloud

The main features are listed below.

  • Core Capabilities
    • Data Connections and Modelling
    • Visualization and Stories/Dashboards
    • Collaboration and Events/Tasks
    • Users and Roles
    • Auditing and monitoring
  • Analytical Capabilities
    • Business Intelligence
    • Connect, prepare and blend data
    • Enrich data
    • Create Visualizations and stories
    • Share and Discuss
  • Planning
    • Personalized Dashboard
    • Allocation-rules engine (Spreading and Distribution)
    • Version Management
    • Collaboration
    • Multiple model Integration
    • Value driver trees
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Smart Discovery (Guided Analysis)
    • Time-series forecasting
    • R Visualizations
    • Smart Insights

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