Cloud (Hosted) Business Analytics

element61 are firm believers and early adopters of hosted Business Intelligence & Performance Management solutions. We believe that in current BI & CPM initiatives too much effort, time and money is lost in setting up (and maintaining) the environments, while focus of management should be on data definition, data modeling, user requirements, data quality and analysis of information. Software-as-a-Service will also dramatically change the face of the BI & CPM industry.

Hosted/on demand Business Intelligence & Performance Management solutions take away the hurdle of :
  • Selecting the right hardware
  • Investing in the right hardware
  • Selecting & investing in the right Operating System
  • Selecting & investing in the right Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Installation of OS & RDBMS software
  • Installation of the BI or CPM software
  • Configuration of the BI or CPM software
  • Integration with OS & RDBMS
  • Security setup and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring & tuning
  • Support for keeping the systems "running"
  • Patching of software
  • Upgrading & migration of software & content

Business Analytics solutions can in this way be offered as subscription based, platform services.

We proactively invest in pioneering in this area, regardless of the BI & CPM technologies you want to use. These can be the leading Business Analytics & Performance Management suites or pure-play hosted BI & CPM solutions ( like Birst , Pivotlink, Adaptive Planning ... ). Also hardware, operating system and RDBMS can be hosted by your organisation and managed by us, hosted by a dedicated hosting company, or based on components "in the cloud".

element61 uses its vast experience to innovate in ways to more quickly deliver on the promise of Business Analytics & Performance Management. element61 conducted a research project in 2011 to test the "BI in the Cloud" model. On elaborated casestudy on a Business Intelligence in de Cloud- project (2011) at Biobest is available on our website. This Business Intelligence in an online, Software as a Service-model (Saas BI)- project also has been selected a Smart Business Casebook 2011 project. Information on the Hosted Business Intelligence research project can be found here.