Simplification in BW/4HANA 1.0 was mainly related to data models; architecture reduced to 4 modelling objects and extended use of virtual data flows.

BW/4HANA 2.0 brings additional features with regards to:

  • User Interface
    • Web admin cockpit more complete. It is central point for administration, maintenance, authorizations, process chains
    • More simplified search capabilities
    • Notifications if process chain has failed
    • Web-based master data maintenance
    • More statistics on data volume based on CDS Views
    • Direct upload for test scenarios
  • Openness
    • Direct update of DSO, external services can write directly to DSO.
    • The same is true for SAP Cloud Platform integration (APIs available); built applications and these apps write data to BW
  • Performance
    • Query conditions (e.g. TopN, BottomN) now executed in HANA directly
    • Dedicated performance for SAC
  • Simplicity
    • Support for additional chart types with SAC Live connection (e.g. Waterfall, geospatial)
    • Support for several external storage destinations

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