SAP BusinessObjects Text Analysis

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Getting data on how much you have sold or how much your company revenue should be rather easy: this data is stored in a structured way in a database and therefore easy to find.

Finding out how customers think about you or your products is much more difficult: it requires expensive market research actions to structure people thoughts about your products. Most of the data market research companies are looking for is already shared somewhere on the digital highway So what if you could unlock that data coming from mails, internal documents, forums, Facebook, twitter, blogs, and store it, in a structured way, into your database?

SAP BusinessObjects Text analysis, is a tool in the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services stack, that enables you to turn the unstructured data that swarms around somewhere in your company or on the internet, into structured information on which you can manage your organization. The SAP BusinessObjects Text Analysis tool helps you to solve the question towards unstructured Business Intelligence.

Having the unstructured data, transformed in structured data, gives a huge competitive advantage to those companies willing to invest into it. SAP BusinessObjects Text analysis, integrated in the stack of SAP BusinessObjects EIM products, enables you to enrich product data with data about your competitors found out on the internet. In this global economy its crucial that all information is captured, even if its written in another language: therefore SAP BusinessObjects Text analysis has multiple text parsers in different languages, so that no unstructured data you want to capture escapes.

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