IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary

With IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary you have the possibility to develop a complete business terms glossary and to link those with technical metadata allowing a better alignment between IT specialist and business users.

IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary is a web based application that can be accessed from everywhere within the organization to consult, check or modify a business term and its properties allowing users to constantly have a good and up to date understanding on the data they have to use. In order to facilitate their usage but also to put them in the correct business context those terms can be grouped and hierarchies in categories within the tool.

IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary offers the following capabilities:

  • Manage business terms and categories: Create and maintain business terms and categories in a secured environment
  • Manage stewardship: Assign clear ownership and stewardship for each term in order to define clear responsibilities for their maintenance and to handle any question around those specific terms.
  • Customize and extend: Each term contains a set of default properties such as a description, an owner, a definition. But rather than delivering a single and complex version of a metadata model the tool offers the possibility to enrich that model with user specific properties that can then be filled in for each term.
  • Collaborate: It provides a collaborative environment in which users can evolve this information asset as the business and requirements changes so that all the users of this information can get access to it.
  • Contextual search and visibility business term definitions with Business Glossary Anywhere in external tools and reports such as excel, word or IBM Cognos BI.

Using IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary, organizations will guarantee that business terms and their definitions are shared by everyone; it will provide a stronger data governance of those terms by defining what metadata are expected and by defining clear ownership and responsibilities. IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary will increase overall productivity of both business and technical users and will improve their collaboration by linking business terms with technical assets allowing a better understanding of each other. Finally, IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary will help to have a greater trust in information by providing a permanent and immediate access to key data assets information to business users.

element61 can assist you with setting up such business glossary, which can be used to maximize the communication and understanding of terminology across the organization.

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