SAP BusinessObjects Information Management

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Information Management system offers a complete and integrated set of tools to build your reporting environment regardless the number of source system and the complexity of your system. Within SAP BusinessObjects EIM you can find the necessary Data Service tools to support your environment and create the best integrated system as possible.SAP BusinessObjects Data Services will assist companies in data improvement, transformations, integration and deliverance of high quality data to support management decision taking. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services are scalable and integrated, but can function in a standalone manner to fulfill the specific needs each organization has. Therefore following individual products can be identified:

  • Data Quality: an integrated tool to improve data quality in an intuitive way.
  • Data Integrator: to extract, load and transform data from different data sources in your final analytical data environment
  • Data Federator: to integrate multiple data sources in one environment, without the complex transformations to execute
  • Meta Data Management: to store the definitions over the different systems
  • Text analysis: to unlock data, hidden in unstructured data, spread over your business systems.
  • Rapid marts: for a quick, "out of the box, implementation of a reporting environment on selected business software solutions

element61 and its consultants are mastering the complete tool set of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services for several years. They can help you in setting up a complete SAP BusinessObjects EIM environment to get the most out of your data and to transform it into information for your organization. element61s goal is to offer you a tailored solution to fit your organizations requirements and business needs using the SAP BusinessObjects EIM technology.

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