Targit DecisionSuite

Targit DecisionSuite

Targit is a Danish company founded in 1986 and produces Business Intelligence tools, mainly focussing on Microsoft ERP NAV and AX customers, for which it delivers additional front-end functionality to data in Microsoft SSAS cubes.

Over the years, Targit has established a solid customer base. They work together with 380 partners worldwide, serving over 5.000 customers with 356.000 named users. The BI solutions are mature and easy to use. The main product Targit offers is called Targit Decision Suite. It is best deployed on top of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), the OLAP component of SQL Server, for which it provides an elegant client & web-interface, as an alternative to Microsoft Excel.

Some of the key features include:

  • Full OLAP-style reporting and analysis on Microsoft Analysis Services cubes
  • Support for Mobile on all common platforms (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Storyboards allow you to create a scenario with interactive dashboards
  • Agents can notify you when goals are achieved or if figures deviate from the norm
  • Use the Intelligent Wizard to help you create an analysis using natural language

All of the features are created with ease of use in mind, which drives the usability of the tool.

Targit DecisionSuite

According to Gartner: "Targit's product offers a well-integrated set of capabilities combining analytics, mobile delivery designed to drive operational effectiveness through closed-loop decisions to results. These capabilities are aligned with the key tenets of the decision cycle, namely "observe, orient, decide and act." Decision Suite 2013 introduced a more streamlined interface that takes the basic principle of delivering an integrated BI experience to the next level by increasing continuity across the platform's various tools and thereby reducing the need for users to move between different tools and environments."

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