Predicting high-value leads

"Who are my most valuable prospects?"

Organizations are nowadays required to allocate their resources as efficiently as possible. This is also the case in the sales organization where your sales agents needs to achieve the maximum revenue possible. Therefore, it is important that your sales people focus on the right prospects.

What is lead scoring?

More and more, the method of lead scoring is used by companies for ranking their prospects in order to identify the ones that will potentially bring the most value to the company. Your sales agents can then work on those prospects with the highest lead score in order to maximize your revenue.

Predicting high-value leads

We can use the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to build such a lead scoring mechanism and build a predictive lead scoring model. With the patterns learned based on historical behavior and activities of the leads, together with socioeconomic elements (like company size, industry, location, …) and possibly other input, the predictive model can predict the potential value of a lead. Such a model can be applied in different business models (B2B and B2C).

The lead scoring model allows the sales agents of the company to be more time- and resource efficient by focusing on the high value prospects.

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