Course : Data Visualization Best Practices

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Data visualization is communicating data through a visual representation, such as a chart or a table. The goal of data visualization is to communicate data clearly and efficiently to avoid any confusion or misconceptions about the data. Unfortunately, poor choices in data visualization can lead to “hard to read” graphics and even incorrect conclusions. We all remember that pie chart with 42 slices.

In a Business Intelligence solution, data visualization is the last step in the process: the data is being presented to the consumers of the data, either through reports, dashboards, interactive charts or pivot tables. As such, one could argue data visualization is one of the most important steps in business intelligence: if users are not appealed by the end product or if they cannot use the data to gain more insights, they could stop using the entire BI solution !

At element61, we offer a 4-hour course that teaches you the fundamentals of data visualization. In this course, we go over the most common types of tables and charts, and how you need to choose between those two options.  We look at “design best practices” to make graphs and visuals the most efficient and effective. The course also covers the principles of visual perception and how these can help you to make better visualizations and dashboards.

In short, the course teaches how you can avoid this:

Course : Data Visualization Best Practices

But how you can better make the choice for a table like this (same data as above) :

Course : Data Visualization Best Practices

Or why you need this chart instead of a pie chart:

Course : Data Visualization Best Practices

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