Cxense DMP

Cxense DMP

Cxense is a Norwegian company founded in 2010 by a team of bright engineers and industry insiders. Today,they are a leading provider of DMP software for Marketeers & Publishers.

The company grew rapidly and now tracks more than two billion user profiles on behalf of more than 200 customers globally, on more than 17,500 sites, all in real-time. Using audience data and advanced real-time analytics, they allow publishers & marketeers to create ahyper-relevant personalized user experience of ads or content recommendations (including video) that help one increase your digital revenue and build a sustainable digital business model.

element61 is an implementation partner with strong experience on the Cxense DMP and Insights platform. element61 can support customers looking into Cxense with local hands-on support & DMP strategic advice such as

  • What's the value & ROI of a DMP?
  • What can & can't Cxense do?
  • How to implement Cxense in a best-practice way?
  • Which use-cases does Cxense enable?

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