Your AI Use-case

Which experience has element61 in AI?

element61 has been helping organizations for years with the set-up of AI. Our Data Scientists and Data Engineers are certified in SAP, IBM and Microsoft technology and have a functionality expertise.

Some examples of realized purposes:

  • Marketing and Sales
    • Predict customer turnover
    • Customer segmentation
    • Predict high-value leads
    • Predict the next product purchase
    • Identify leads based on Look-a-like models
  • Finance and Risk analysis
    • Predicting Accounts Receivable in default
    • Sales forecast
    • Chatbot as support of Credit and Collections
    • Compliance Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Operations
    • Demand forecast
    • Anomaly detection within production
    • Sales order fulfillment
  • HR
    • Predict employee turnover
    • Training recommendation
  • Customer Service
    • Smart Chatbots
    • Automatic detection of the subject (i.e. in a phone call or e-mails)
  • Service Management
    • Predictive maintenance

Please contact us if you want more information about the use-cases above, our approach or the the expected return-on-investment of our other clients.

We’re convinced that it is possible for organizations of any size and industry, to get started with data science.
Based on recent evolutions in the Cloud, it is possible to set up a first Proof of Concept without major investments and with a first workable ROI within 60 days.