SAP BW 7.0 (also known as NetWeaver 7.0 or NetWeaver 04s) was officially released in July 2005 and was the first so-called SAP NetWeaver '04s version of SAP Business Warehouse. It is considered to be a major release as it includes a lot of new features in comparison to previous 3.x versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.3 and 3.5.

Like previous major releases, SAP Business Warehouse 7.0 introduced a lot of new or changed terminology such as:

Old terminologyNew terminology
ODS ObjectDataStore Object (DSO)
Administrator WorkbenchData Warehousing Workbench
Transactional ODS objectDataStore Object for direct update
Transactional InfoCubeReal-time InfoCube
RemoteCube, SAP RemoteCube and
virtual InfoCube with services
OLAP statisticsBI Runtime Statistics
Reporting authorizationsAnalysis authorizations

Some of the most important new features and enhancements in the new release were:

  • New and improved Data Warehousing Workbench with more flexible navigation and the possibility to navigate through an entire data flow
  • Write-Optimized DataStore Object which does not require data activation and enables faster data processing
  • Improvements to InfoSets to allow the use of InfoCubes and increase the flexibility with date derivation for time characteristics
  • Transformations and Data Transfer Processes (DTP) to replace Transfer Rules and Update Rules, now also allowing rule groups, expert routines and end routines
  • Repartitioning of InfoCubes and DataStore Objects
  • Remodeling InfoProviders for modifying existing InfoProviders without losing the data they already contain
  • BI Accelerator, an appliance to improve the read performance of BI queries on InfoCubes
  • Enhanced Query Runtime Statistics
  • A completely new concept for analysis authorizations to replace reporting authorizations
  • New DataSource concept which also allows remote activation of DataSources in the Source systems
  • New functionality for maintaining Process Chains
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition
  • The introduction of quantity conversions next to the existing currency conversions
  • The BI Administration Cockpit

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