Power BI Reports Server

Power BI Reports ServerThe Power BI Report Server gives you access to interactive reports and reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services within the enterprise. The standalone product allows organizations to host Power BI Reports on an on-premises report server. The Power BI Report Server is built upon the same architecture as SQL Server Reporting Services, allowing you to also use the server to host paginated reports, mobile reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Key Features

Let’s review some of the features available in Power BI Pro:

  • Hosting Power BI Reports on-premises

An on-premises solution for sharing and collaborating on Power BI reports with your colleagues. As an added bonus, the Power BI Report server comes with all the functionality found in Reporting Services.
  • Leverage customs visuals

With The Power BI Report Server you can render custom visuals, which adds a lot more visualizations.

  • View reports with Power BI Mobile

You can connect to your Power BI Report Server via the Power BI Mobile app.

  • Interact with reports via the web

Power BI report rendering allows for the same functionality you would expect if you’re familiar with the Power BI Service. Functionality including slicers, cross-filtering, tooltips, and underlying data exploration are all available.


Power BI Reports Server