SAP BusinessObjects Mobile enables organizations to distribute their data onto portable devices (e.g. Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, ). Within SAP BusinessObjects Mobile you are able to refresh your report and get the most up to date information on screen. Even a drill down towards another level of detail is an existing feature for the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application.

With the launch of SAP BusinessObjects 4, the Mobile application has been brought out towards the iPad, making it much more intuitive to use your reports. WebI reports created on the SAP BusinessObjects XI 4 platform can be published to the mobile server and will be consultable directly onto your mobile device without any hassle. Reports are displayed in an attractive and intuitive way on the iPad and are drill enabled. Whenever you want to see a chart in more detail, tap on it, and the chart will be displayed in full screen mode.

element61 and its consultants are constantly updating on the new features and changes applied in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. to make sure to offer the right mobile solution to our customers. With the current seniority in our consultants team, we will be able to offer you a good overview on changes and evolutions within the tool-set of SAP BusinessObjects, to deliver you the best service.

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