Building your Data Platform

We can build your Big Data Platform

Building your Data Platform

Our Data Engineers are certified experts in building your Big Data Platform in Cloud technology. We adhere to most recent best-practices and build everything with Infrastructure-as-code and Continuous integration and deployment.



Typical functionalities of a Big Data Platform include

  • Data Lake
  • Ability to do real-time analytics
  • Ability to do transform Big Data in Batch on a cluster
  • AI Sandboxing
  • Ability to handle real-time event ingestion
  • Hybrid setup with the on-premise environment

We have experience in building a Big Data Platform in Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud. 

What does a Data Engineer do?

Big Data Platforms are technical platforms designed to store, handle and automate all data flows. 

  • He/she is an expert in Big Data technology including Cloud-specific technology (Azure, GCP, AWS, SAP, IBM) and Apache open-source technologies such as Spark and Hive
  • He/she is a developer with solid experience in command line, Linux, Docker and Kubernetes
  • He/she works hand-in-hand with the data scientist deploying their Python, R and Spark machine learning code as automated and scalable services in a perfect fit with the best-practice architecture
  • He/she can assist the project team in technically translating business ideas into technical architectures

Open-source vs. Software?

In the area of AI and Big Data engineering, you need open-source to have access to the latest innovations and a supportive community. At element61 we recommend all our customers to embrace open-source yet implement it in a smart and governed way.

Our tips in embracing open-source:

  • Leverage PaaS services if they exist
    Most Cloud vendors have PaaS services which provide open-source technologies 'as a service'. This gives data engineers and data scientists access to Spark clusters without having to manually set configurations or access to Airflow without having to install all the software.
  • Evaluate your options
    Every open-source component typically has an alternative provided by a Cloud vendor or Marketplace vendor. We recommend comparing your options thoroughly and thinking about total cost of ownership. Compare functionalities and reflect how important this component is in your overall architecture.

Building your Data PlatformBuilding your Data PlatformBuilding your Data Platform

Why work with element61?

Based on our experience and having done this at various customers, we know how to do it, know the pitfalls and can deliver faster.
Our Data Engineers are certified in Cloud technology and adhere to best-practices.

element61 will bring best-practices to your teams including Infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD.

Win time and budget: contact us to get started!