IBM Information Server Architecture and Roadmap

A Datawarehousing and Data Integration initiative should be seen as a journey and not as an ad-hoc initiative, as it generally involves heterogeneous systems and a large amount of data. The project or program thus requires that the scope and direction are clearly set from the beginning and that a solid foundation is defined in order to guarantee that focus wont be lost along the way.

So even before to start the initial project of that journey it is fundamental to define a roadmap which will drive the project as well as the architecture. This initial investment will pay back during the entire duration of the project by ensuring that deliverables and their benefits are maximized.

The IBM Information Server solution offers a wide range of possibilities and tools to fulfill your requirements. element61, with its in depth knowledge of the IBM Information Server suite, can help you to define a tailor made roadmap for your organization in order to get the most benefits from your investment and to reduce as much as possible the time to value after the start of your initiative.

As a Datawarehousing and Data Integration journey is usually running over several years it is fundamental to define a solid architecture which can serve efficiently the needs of today but which will also be able to evolve in order to serve the needs of tomorrow. element61 can advise and assist you in all the aspects of the design of a robust and future proof architecture.

The architecture of an IBM Information Server environment typically includes:

  • Hardware requirements and support in hardware selection
  • Server Architecture
  • Enterprise environment definition (Development, Acceptance, Production)
  • Multi tier environment best practices
  • IBM Information Server components selection
  • IBM Information Server components links and synergies

The combination of a tailor made roadmap, defining individual iterations in the program, with a robust and future proof architecture will guarantee the success and secure the investment made by your organization to deliver better information to the decision makers.

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