Business Analytics Training

Business Analytics Training

Within Business Analytics, there is little substitute for experience. Thanks to the seniority of the experts working at element61, they are well-positioned to give technology and topic trainings in the area of Business Analytics.

Based on our experience and recurring questions from customers, we have outlined a series of trainings on key topics. Depending on the customer and depth of the trainings, our training materials are formatted to take 1 to 3 days

Over the last ten years, these trainings have been proven to work and have been hosted multiple times at customers and industry events. The training format we offer has been tested to work well in both engaging the audience as well as ensuring a lasting knowledge transfer. 

Based on the need of the customer, the trainings can be formatted to be provided to a business- or technical audience with or without prior knowledge. If no prior knowledge, our trainers are experienced to format the training to be a solid learning introduction in the topic. When prior knowledge is available or the need is in-depth training, the experience and expertise of our senior experts ensures the skills and knowledge to provide advanced trainings and in-depth learnings.

Trainings we currently offer include

For aspiring Microsoft Cloud BI Developers, Data Scientists and Data Engineers, we've combined a number of trainings in learning paths which can be followed over a period of 6 months as part of a learning trajectory: 

For Qlik Sense, we suggest following learning path to allow you to become responsible for your Qlik Sense environment both as a designer and administrator:

For TimeXtender, we suggest following learning path to allow you to become a TimeXtender developer enabling you to build-up your data warehouse layer:

For Vena, we suggest following learning path 

For more information on our Academy offerings,