Sales & Operations Planning

The need for organizations to make business decisions using integrated business plans spanning the entire supply chain including Sales (demand) and Supply (procurement, production, inventory) as well as linking them to their expected financial outcome in a dynamic P&L and BS, has never been greater.

However, most organizations are struggling to do this in an effective way that is sufficiently automated, sustainable, accurate and which delivers the right level of detail for the target audience in a timely manner.

Financial PBF (Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting) solutions, also known as EPM/CPM Solutions, have been existing for quite some time and have made significant progress in helping the finance department with the annual process of constructing their budgets. Even sales forecasting on a monthly basis has become in reach more recently for several organizations if they want to move away from a spreadsheet based PBF environment.

Connecting the annual sales budget or monthly sales forecast into an integrated business plan covering the entire supply chain and deriving the financial outcome of these plans instantly within one solution is still far from reality for most of us although the increasing pressure of the digital transformation is urging us to improve that process.

Most organizations still use a combination of scattered spreadsheets, EPM/CPM Solutions and best-of-breed S&OP / Supply Chain Planning software to “close” their budgeting/forecasting loop.

Recent trends both from a market and technology perspective however are changing the ball game and provide solutions that can help you to make progress in this area in a more pragmatic way and evolve to an Integrated Business Plan approach adapted to your scope and current needs without huge investments that some of the Best-of-Breed SCP solutions require.

Next to the availability of the required technology and solutions, it is equally important to provide the functional process knowledge with a multidisciplinary team (for matching sales and operations and marrying it to finance). Through our vast experience and expertise, our specialists from Moore Belgium Strategy & Operations and element61 are offering our customers the opportunity to reboot their existing planning processes into the digital world.

Sales & Operations Planning

We will share a multi-disciplinary executive view where the key different stakeholders of your company (Finance, Sales & Operations as well as ICT).

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