SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality

Trustful data is one of the critical success factors in a Performance Management or Business Intelligence environment. If you have no trustful data, no quality decision taking can be based on that data. The SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality solution is the preferred tool within the SAP BusinessObjects EIM toolset to lift your data from just simple data towards trusted data.

SAP BusinessObjects offers with Data Quality a tool that can be integrated within the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services offering and even in many external EIM tools such as Informatica, to improve the quality of your source data. Within the Data Quality tool, dashboards to visualize the impact from uncleaned data onto your integrated system flow are offered. These dashboards help you to understand the importance of cleansed and high quality data to take management decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects is a tool that assists you in an intuitive manner to cleanse your environment, starting from data profiling to get to know your data, to the final deduplication or enrichment of your data, based on e.g. address files or other supportive data systems.

Data quality and quality in general is one of the main focuses of element61. Therefore, element61 has built up an extensive knowledge on SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality. From those experiences we have derived sets of best practices and a common methodology to offer organizations a reliable and trusted way to implement data quality in your environment.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality

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