CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana

Unleash ultimate performance and real-time analysis with CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA.

By running CCH Tagetik on the SAP Hana platform, the CPM processes such as consolidation, planning, budgeting, cash flow planning as well as the CCH Tagetik Analytical Information Hub benefit from the powerful in-memory database of Hana.

One of the common needs in an organization is the ability to do analytics and real-time data reporting on transactional data. With the power of HANA on the backend, analytics across broad and granular datasets can now be done directly on S/4HANA without any significant performance degradation.

To leverage the advantages of HANA, SAP introduced a new data modelling infrastructure which sits at the database level, making use of CDS (Core data services). CDS views exist in 2 flavours, namely, ABAP CDS views and HANA CDS views.

For deploying CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana, the main integration scenarios are using:

  • API Business Hub
  • Custom CDS views & external Odata API
  • Direct database connection

Alternative setup’s for integration are also possible, e.g. making use of the CCH Tagetik AIH as the central data repository in case of restrictions on the SAP ECC System exist. The concrete customer circumstances and requirements will be crucial in determining the best-fit approach, with criteria as data volume, frequency of loading, required control on data driving the decision.

Some of the advantages at reach running CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana are:

  • Real-time data access from the SAP source system
  • SAP Hana performance shorting reporting cycles
  • SAP Hana Predictive analytical Libraries for advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities

CCH Tagetik is a SAP EOM Partner and delivers the CCH Tagetik application including the SAP OEM Hana software license (SAP Label or White label), deployed On-Premise and or As Application Service Provider (ASP). The SAP OEM program gives CCH Tagetik the unique proposition to bring a total solution to its customers. The SAP EOM program includes SAP front-end tools SAP Analysis for Office and SAP Analytics Cloud allowing those SAP customers already invested in native SAP tools to still benefit from the powerful finance transformation platformed offered by CCH Tagetik within the comfort of their SAP reporting context.

In a holistic approach, combining the experience and expertise of both our CCH Tagetik  Corporate Performance Management and SAP Analytics competence centres, element61 is helping organisations to navigate into the future.

If you have any questions regarding running CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana, please feel free to contact us for more information.