IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a family of applications which try to bring cognitive services in packages solutions. It includes sophisticated data discovery tools, predictive analytics tools and text-mining tools but also industry-specific solutions such as IBM Watson Health.

It's main components are:

  • IBM Watson Analytics: A cloud data discovery and dashboard application that allow automatic visualisations through Natural Language Processing
  • IBM Watson Data Platform: A cloud-based series of tools that bring big data and analytics services to business users and data scientists working together on building Advanced Analytical projects
  • IBM Watson IoT Platform: An end-to-end cloud based packages of tools which enables users to get started with the Internet of Things
  • IBM Watson Explorer: A text-mining technology solution empowering users to get-started on indexing their text-content, building knowledge libraries and finally leveraging their text content for automated Q&A and value-added business opportunities. A related product is IBM Watson Knowledge Studio which allows domain experts to collaborate and create custom annotator (or word libraries) for unique industries. 
  • IBM Watson Developer Cloud: A set of Watson APIs such as Emotion API, Speech recognition API, Face detection API which allow developers to easily embed cognitive functions into their applications

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