IBM InfoSphere QualityStage

IBM Infosphere Quality Stage is the data cleansing and standardization tool of the IBM Information Server Suite. It is fully integrated with IBM Infosphere Datastage so it can share the same infrastructure and allows the developers to include cleansing and standardization processes within the data integration processes. The information delivered to the business users is then complete and accurate.

IBM Infosphere Quality Stage offers the following capabilities:

  • Data Investigation : to profile the data in order to detect rules or patterns violation. Because of the integration within the IBM Information Server suite this can also be done by using IBM Information Analyzer profiling capabilities and the information produced can then be used directly in IBM Infosphere Quality Stage.
    Data Standardization : to standardize data based on a set of predefined standards for data such as addresses, phone numbers, email, birth dates,
  • Data Matching : to detect possible duplicated records in order to be able to define a golden record for a specified business key.
  • Data Survivorship : to define which record is the golden record and discard the other ones.

IBM Infosphere Quality Stage also offers reporting capabilities to define metrics and reports to visualize and to analyze the data quality status and issues.

Usage of IBM Infosphere Quality Stage can significantly improve the quality of the data and reduce the time-to-value to get to the expected level of quality. The powerful IBM Information Server platform allows doing those cleansing and standardization actions inline so the information is directly delivered in a good state.

Within element61 we have the knowledge and expertise in the data quality domain and in IBM Infosphere Quality Stage to help you to unlock the value of your data and to guarantee that your technology investment will deliver accurate and trusted information.

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