Qlik Sense Developer

Course description and Duration

In this 3-day instructor led course you’ll learn the ins and outs of the ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) process in Qlik Sense. We’ll start by covering the ‘Extraction’ of data, going over the different data connectors, discuss on-prem data sources vs cloud and hybrid data sources. After a short intermezzo on networks & firewalls we’ll learn how to load data incrementally and which pitfalls to avoid. 

Next up is ‘Transforming’ of data, starting with the basics we’ll switch to the more challenging functions with sufficient use-cases and hands-on exercises.  Followed by some best practices on the Governance of your ETL in Qlik Sense and an introduction to Master Data & Data Quality. 

On the third day, we’ll see how to ‘Load’ data into your front-end app and how a link table allows you to report on different types of facts with some shared dimensions.  After a short intermezzo of performance gains & drains in the ETL code, we’ll end the training with a hands-on exercise.

Learning outcomes

  • Introduction
  • Extracting Data
    • Data Connectors
    • On-Prem, Cloud & Hybrid data sources
    • Network & Firewall configurations
    • Incremental Loading
    • Data Types in Qlik Sense
  • Storing Data
  • Transforming Data
    • Basics
    • Join-operations
    • Intervalmatch
    • Crosstable
  • Governance in your project
  • Introduction to Master Data & Data Quality
  • Data Modelling
    • Dimensions
    • Facts
    • Creating a Link Table
  • Performance gains & drains
  • Putting things into practice


The training is organised as knowledge transfer (facilitated with slides/demo) with hands-on exercises.

Each trainee will be provided with his very own Qlik Sense environment, ideally to try things out (and probably break somethings as well).


1.875 € per participant for the 3 days

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