The amount of data that organizations possess is increasing exponentially and will keep doing so in the upcoming years. All these possibilities go hand in hand with more complex challenges around extracting value from this data. Companies are struggling to convert all this data into insightful information, and this in the most efficient way. Finding valuable insights in your data is not simply a matter of having vast quantities of it available, but being able to find the right data when you need it. By enabling people to have information when and where available when needed, you’ll be able to extract maximum value from your data.

Data Governance makes it possible to (re)use data efficiently and to trust its quality in order to make data-driven decisions. All this in compliance with laws and regulations. Simply put, Data Governance ensures that your data is orderly, correct and easy to find. Important to remark that this is a continuous process of increasing data awareness within an organization that knows many subdomains which are often related to each other. Take for example consolidating master data from 2 operational systems and data quality, where does one end?

Ataccama ONE unifies all main Data Governance disciplines (Metadata Management, Data Quality, and Master Data Management) into a single, AI-powered solution across hybrid and cloud environments. The Ataccama ONE platform gives your business and data teams the ability to innovate with speed while maintaining trust, security, and governance of your data. Here are some of the most notable characteristics.

All-in-ONE platform

Data discovery and profiling is the first step in any data project. Understand any data set or a whole data source through automated Data Profiling and discover paths to improvement.

Monitor Data Quality automatically on all levels. From attributes to entities, systems and even aggregated by business term or data domain.

Consolidate data from multiple sources, author and edit records in the Master Data Management hub, and connect external data for a true 360 view. Ataccama ONE assists you by analyzing your data and proposes pre-configured matching rules that you can test, edit and finetune.

Build and maintain a knowledge base of your data landscape effortlessly. With the Data Catalog you can easily connect your data sources and make all data available to those who need it, when they need it. Important to note that this is combined with automatically enforced security and privacy policies.

Whether you run applications in the cloud (SaaS/PaaS) and/or on prem, you can set up hybrid environments with Ataccama ONE. It integrates distributed environments and edge computing, so that you can process data without moving it anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

Automation leverages the benefits of AI to improve functionality and efficiency. The automated process can discover hidden facts, spot anomalies, and find relations that would otherwise stay hidden. Notifying users about unexpected changes is also possible. The combination of automation and transparency – giving the end user as much information about the data as possible – helps stem the tide of data chaos.

Supporting the user

Unfortunately, not everything can be enriched automatically. That’s why it is crucial to provide people with a user-friendly interface to enrich data manually, discuss it and share the knowledge. Besides the process automation and use of advanced technologies, the user friendliness of the Ataccama ONE platform is a huge bonus.

Ataccama Corporation is an international software company, based in Toronto (Canada), that prides itself in delivering cutting-edge technology used for data quality, master data management, data governance, and big data. Since 2007, the Ataccama ONE platform has convinced leading financial, commercial, and government organizations around the globe to deliver real business benefits and for their proven ability to execute. In November 2020, the new Ataccama ONE Gen 2 platform was announced, a complete self-driving data management & governance platform. Welcome to the new age! Learn more at

Like element61, Ataccama does not look at data challenges from a specific point of view, but rather approaches them from a holistic one. That’s why we embrace Ataccama’s choice to unify Data Governance, Data Quality and Master Data Management into a single, AI-powered solution. This innovative approach has not gone unnoticed by multiple mentions in Gartner’s research concerning Data Governance topics (Master Data Management & Data Quality).

If you want more information about what the Ataccama ONE platform and element61 can do for you, please contact us.