Business Analytics Learning Paths

Business Analytics Training

Based on our experience and recurring questions from customers, we have outlined a series of learning paths which allow training your team & experts end-to-end into a new analytics domain such as data science, data engineering, and/or cloud data warehousing.

In these end-to-end learning paths, we combine a number of trainings which can be followed over a period of 4 to 6 months.

Benefits of a learning path vs. individual courses are:

  • when joining a learning path you subscribe to all its courses in a smartly & smooth scheduled flow. The courses build upon one another.
  • we provide extra self-paced learning paths (which give access to extra learning material & exercises). This allows you to further exercise in between learning days.
  • you join a group of peers who all follow the same learning path. This allows for mingling & thought-sharing; further enriching your learning.

These learning paths are particularly relevant:

  • when onboarding a new colleague in the team: through our learning paths, this colleague can pick up all core skills step-by-step in parallel to practical learning on-the-job.
  • upskilling of the team as part of a migration to the Cloud:  through our learning paths we can upskill your internal skills with the upcoming technology and further enable a true coaching & co-development approach in your project.

Today, we have two learning paths available:

Building a Modern Data Lakehouse Learning Path

Our Building a Modern Data Lakehouse Learning Path allows a BI or Data Professional to grow in a true data engineer enabled to build pipeline, ETL & ELT jobs on Microsoft Azure Cloud. 


Data Scientist Learning Path

Our Data Scientist Learning Path allows an aspirant data scientist to grow into a true Data Science professional enabled to analyze, train & deploy ML & AI models through the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 


Looking for other learning paths?

If the above learning paths don't meet you need, take a look at our individual courses, reach out and we'll jointly build your own curriculum/path. 

For this, more practical information or subscribing to one of the learning paths: please reach out via or via your account manager.