IBM InfoSphere DataStage

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is the data integration and transformation tool which enables the collection and consolidation of data from several sources, its transformation and its delivery into one or multiple target systems.

Since it got acquired by IBM in 2005, IBM InfoSphere DataStage is part of the IBM Information Server suite but it is based on the formerly well known Ascential Datastage which has a long and successful history track as an ETL solution and has set the foundations of a robust and reliable tool.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage offers:

  • A large set of specific connectors included to access any data source types.
  • A large set of pre-developed transformation stages to be able to perform complex transformation on large volume of data in an optimal way and to speed up the development time.
  • A scalable platform which can grow over time without affecting the design of the integration processes in order to process large data volumes in a performing way.
  • The possibility to process data in batch or real time mode but also through web services to be able to offer the processing capacity of the tool to inline and real time processes.
  • Complete workflow mechanism to connect the jobs and maintain their dependencies.

As part of the integrated IBM Information Server platform, IBM InfoSphere DataStage is supported by a broad range of shared services and benefits from the reuse of several suite components and the information or capabilities offered by them such as; the common meta data server to access, within the jobs design, technical metadata as well as data profiling information, the performing parallel framework in order to process large data volume in an optimal way.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage offers a complete and easy to use data integration solution which, together with the other IBM Information Server components, allows to create and to maintain complex data integration and transformation processes in a secured, controlled and optimal way to deliver high quality information with the best possible time-to-value ratio.

element61 offers the knowledge and experience with IBM InfoSphere DataStage (and its IBM Information Server platform) for a fast, easy creation and maintenance of data marts and data warehouses. element61 provides the knowledge you need to build, manage, and expand these datawarehouses and datamarts by having significant years of experience in this powerful data integration tool.

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