Course: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Course Description and Duration

In this 1-day workshop, you'll gain the fundamental knowledge to kickstart your journey in using Power BI reports and building your own captivating reports. You'll learn how Power BI works, how to share reports effectively and create your own. By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to confidently create reports and harness the full capabilities of Power BI.

Learning outcomes

  • Creating reports in the Power BI Desktop
    • Connect to different sources
    • Create visuals
    • Create filters
    • Conditional formatting
    • Create a Top N
    • ...  
  • Using the Power BI Service 
    • Power BI apps
    • How to consume reports online with functionalities within like slicers, drill down, drill through, creating bookmarks on a report
    • Power BI and Office: Teams, PowerPoint, Excel,...

Target audience

This workshop is intended towards business professionals who want to go beyond the capabilities of Excel and start using the rich functionality of Power BI to get fast and easy insight into their data.


The workshop is organized as a knowledge transfer with hands-on exercises.


675 € per participant 

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