Understanding the Project Purpose

Understanding the Project Purpose

Understanding a BI project’s purpose is the fundamental first step in our approach. Failing to do so, often results in (i) reports that are not tailored to the needs of your end users, (ii) decreased adoption due to a lack of focus on business problems, and (iii) missed opportunities to get value out of your data.

At element61, we strive to put the business problem / end-user central. We begin by asking the following questions:

  • Who are the end users?
  • What is their core need? 
  • What should an ideal solution look like?
  • What actions will be taken with this solution?

Through stakeholder interviews and iteratively creating mockup reports we aim to sketch out what an end-solution should look like before starting actual development. As such, we can uncover your end-user’s reporting needs and demands and tailor the BI solution towards them. You can find a summary of the main topics we explore below.


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