CCH Tagetik Analytical Information Hub

CCH Tagetik unifies reporting across actual, budgeting, planning & forecasting processes at the strategic, corporate, and operational level. All data is processed and stored in the same software solution.

In the current data-hyped world, your reporting, planning, budgeting, and forecasting applications can no longer be disconnected and limited to a static reporting or basic planning cycle of revenues and expenses. The need for a more dynamic planning process, a more sophisticated connection between the operational and financial data and a more unified approach is needed for operational plans, profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow reporting.

With the Analytic Information Hub, CCH Tagetik strengthens its applications with a powerful information-centric data hub, optimizing reporting processes by allowing to exploit massive amounts of granular financial and operational data and facilitating revealing those business insights, critical for shaping your plans or business decisions.

Some practical use cases where we have used the Analytical Information Hub:

  1. Intercompany Matching on a transactional level
  2. Opex planning derived from transactional drivers
  3. Capex planning at the asset level
  4. AI-supported predictive cash forecasting

Some benefits we discovered using the Analytical Information Hub are:

  1. Increased flexibility in working with periodic data
  2. Transactional level detailed data processing
  3. Multi measured instead of account driven
  4. Importing Phyton developed predictive models
  5. Multi-dimensional data modelling (beyond the 5 standard dimensions)
  6. Virtual data sources for on-the-fly calculations without preliminary data transfers

We strongly believe that the Analytical Information Hub is a very valuable extension to the CCH Tagetik product and will be a cornerstone for your future-oriented reporting landscape.

Let us get in touch and discuss how to make the potential of the Analytical Information Hub and the CCH Tagetik Transformation platform concrete in your organisation. Think about:

  • Broadening the actual reporting with transactional details or operational key values
  • Planning or budgeting without data restrictions
  • Speeding up your forecast cycle with AI-driven predictions

element61 is Platinum partner with CCH Tagetik, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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