Course: Advanced Microsoft Power BI - Report Builders

Course Description and Duration

In just 2 days, unlock the full potential of Power BI and elevate your reporting capabilities. Learn the art of creating beautiful reports that turn raw data into actionable insights, leveraging the datasets curated by your team. Gain the skills to captivate your audience with visually compelling visuals and drive impactful decision-making.

Learning outcomes

  • Day 1 - Advanced report building
    • Multiple levels drill down
    • Drill through
    • Custom tooltips
    • Bookmarks
    • Navigation page
    • Field parameters
    • What-if analysis
    • Sparklines
    • Advanced conditional formatting
    • Visual interactions
    • Background creation
    • Data visualization best practice
    • Custom theme creation
  • Day 2 - Understand a data model and share your reports
    • Basics of star-schema
    • Basic DAX
    • Enriched enterprise datasets (composite data model)
    • Publish your reports and manage applications
    • Scorecards
    • Data model
    • Modify a report/dataset online
    • Custom visuals

Target audience

This workshop is intended for future Power BI Champions, people who already have the basics of Power BI or who have followed our Introduction to Power BI workshop and want to deepen their knowledge on report creation as well as best practices to share it with end-consumers.


The workshop is organized as a knowledge transfer with hands-on exercises.


1.350 € per participant 

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