Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting


"How much will I sell next week?"

Imagine you can estimate your future Sales and use it as input for Production and Supply Chain Planning. 

Demand planning is a crucial part of doing business as it impacts a lot of decisions in your company: production planning, inventory management, staffing, or even investment decisions to enter new markets. Having efficient and accurate demand forecasting can deliver a competitive advantage, increased efficiency and better customer service.

What's Demand Forecasting?

Demand forecasting is our approach to deliver you a solution which predicts your future sales.

In order to deliver such figures, we'll leverage all available data sources such as: 

  • weather
  • promotions
  • holidays and holiday season
  • special events (like the World Cup)
  • ...

By doing so, we can generate a demand forecast which can then be implemented in your ERP system and can serve as a source for between others the supply chain, purchasing, finance and marketing department.

Contact us for more details or you give you tips and pointers on how to get started!