Business Analytics Roadmap

So you are convinced of the added value Analytics & AI can bring to your organization ?

That is an excellent starting point. However, introducing, implementing and fully leveraging an Analytics & AI solution is not an easy feat. Software vendors will have you believe that it is sufficient to go out and buy their software and that all the expected benefits will follow automatically. That, obviously, is oversimplifying things. Yes, technology and software are important components, but not every software will be suited for every situation.

That is why we recommend for all of our customers to start any Analytics initiative with a Analytics & AI Roadmap exercise. During this project, one of element61s senior consultants will work tightly with Business and ICT departments in order to fully comprehend the Analytics requirements, as well as the current technology landscape.

Using a proven methodology and set of checklists, part of our methodology elementaryTM, we will make a detailed analysis of all functional and non-functional requirements. These requirements will be the main driver for mapping out the TO-BE situation. In the design of the TO-BE situation, we will not only focus on technology. In our vision successful Analytics & AI consists of a well-balanced combination of information, systems and processes/people. Each of these components will be worked out during the Business Analytics Roadmap.

Next to describing the TO-BE situation, we will also keeping into account : priorities, timing and budget restrictions propose a step-by-step approach on how to achieve the final objectives. This incremental approach will focus on delivering quick return-on-investment and will keep in mind all change management challenges that Performance Management initiatives sometimes have to deal with.

The Roadmap will provide estimates on required investment in software, external support and internal resources that will lead to the desired outcomes. This will enable the customer to build a solid Business Case for Analytics & AI and calculate the expected ROI of the entire program.

Carrying out a Business Analytics Roadmap takes anywhere between 3 and 20 days, depending on the scope, complexity of the organization, existing Performance Management applications and depth of the expected deliverables, and is usually executed in a 2-4 week period. Next to executing and delivering a Analytics & AI Roadmap, element61 can also assist in presenting the Roadmap and Business Case at board level in order to help convince senior management of the need for a Analytics initiative and program.

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